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Alchemy Labs - Shredded3


Next Generation Shredding Formula

  • Reduced Body Fat and Water Retention*
  • Increased Muscle Strength*
  • Increased in Muscle Hardness and Density*
  • Increased ALPHA Feeling*
  • Increased Power, Strength and Explosiveness*
  • Improved Libido and Sex Drive* Increased Vascularity*

SHREDDED is one of the most revolutionary shredding formulas to hit the market. Using 3 of the most unique and cutting-edge compounds on the market. Designed to rip off body fat and increase muscle size and density. Users can expect to see 3-4lbs of lean hard muscle, while simultaneously ripping off stubborn body fat. SHREDDED accomplishes this without the common side effects experienced with the old school anabolic formulas. Packed with our Patented TetraSorb Delivery System & 3AD to guarantee maximum absorption and the most insane results!*

*results not typical, vary from person to person