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Alchemy Labs - Phenitrope


Growth Level Support

  • Enhanced Recovery From Workouts*
  • Increased REM Sleep Cycles*
  • Promoting Healthier Growth Levels*
  • Increased Daily Energy levels*
  • Relief from Anxiety levels*
  • Increased ability to promote lean muscle and fat loss*

Phenitrope is an advanced formula designed to help increase growth levels while promoting restful sleep. Whether you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep or simply just 4 hours, Phenitrope will make sure you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day. Phenitrope was formulated to increase growth levels, and enabling your body to fall into a deep REM sleep cycle faster, and longer! Our goal was to help users capitalize on the hours slept to increase fat loss, lean muscle gains, daily energy levels, and mood!*

*results not typical, vary from person to person