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Natural Fat Burning Formula

  • Increase in Fat Loss*
  • Enhances Muscle Performance*
  • Maximized Carnitine Intake*
  • Increase in Muscle Tone*

INHIBIT was formulated to be the ultimate weight loss product, and fully unlocked the weight loss abilities of LCarnitine & CLA. INHIBIT allows your body to break down body fat, stop the body from storing bodyfat, and helps in transporting fat cells into the mitochondria for energy without the need for insulin spike. We combined CLA, LCarnitine, Choline Bitartrate and TetraSorb Delivery System together to create one of the most effective non-stim formulas to reduce body fat. INHIBIT maximizes the effects of L-Carnitine by delivering fat cells into the blood stream, and increasing the uptake of L-Carnitine into the muscle cell mitochondria with TetraSorb & Choline Bitartrate! *

*results not typical, vary from person to person