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ALPHA-5 is the all-natural supplement designed to increase muscle size and strength, while boosting protein synthesis by over 200%!* Our hand selected ingredient Laxosterone™ is the purest version of 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin and has earned its title as one of the strongest natural ingredients with amazing fat loss and muscle building effects.*

ALPHA-5 is a 100% non-hormonal plant derived supplement that has shown dramatic muscle building effects. Laxosterone is also known to reduce cortisol levels, allowing the body to accelerate fat loss and muscle gains.*


  • Muscle density & lean dry gains
  • Improved strength & power*
  • Improved recovery by increased protein synthesis*
  • Reducing cortisol levels*
  • Reducing unwanted body-fat*

Who Should Take ALPHA-5?

  • Anyone looking to build muscle*
  • Anyone looking to drop body-fat*
  • Anyone looking to maximize protein uptake*
  • Anyone looking to transform their physique*
  • Anyone looking to get stronger*

Why ALPHA-5 Was Formulated:

  • To give anabolic results without effecting hormone levels*
  • To give you a natural, competitive edge*
  • For men and women both to have a product you can add into your stack that will help transform your body no matter what your goal is