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American Metabolix

American Metabolix - Exile Super Shock Extreme Fat Burner


Exile Super Shock - Euphoric Weight Loss

  • Metabolic Enhancement
  • No Crash Technology
  • Fat Incinerating Matrix
  • Positive Mood Support

American Metabolix' strongest weight loss product EVER, designed specifically for those serious about getting lean. Exile Super Shock is scientifically formulated with an intense time-released energy blend to keep you motivated even when carbohydrate restricting.

Experience fat burning like never before with a long lasting euphoria, intense energy, along with an increase in core temperature. Exile Super Shock contains a fat blocking blend that will prevent new fat from being stored, thus creating a perpetual weight loss scenario, burning fat while preventing new fat from forming. The energy and results are incredible and the best part is, it’s only 1 pill per day. Super Shock your workout today!