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Protein Intake

For one of our first blogs I wanted to provide some basic information for protein intake.  Understand that upon your individual goals and activity levels these numbers will vary.  Plus in some exercise and medical communities these basic guidelines will be challenged.  So start on the low end with these numbers and experiment to see […]


Many people have a different outlook, concept and views when it comes t carb cycling and the fashion in which it is utilized in a person’s diet and regiment.  There is basically 3 different views and/or concepts in which people use.   Low calorie, low carb days high calorie-low carb days high calorie-high carb days […]

Are Health Drinks Really Healthy?

Wheatgrass smoothies. Coconut water. Charcoal. Even vinegar. The list of “healthy” drinks is seemingly never ending with new trends appearing daily, but are they really any good for you? We all know plain old water is perfect for keeping you hydrated, but it can be a little boring. Fruit waters bring taste to the table […]

12 Common Nutrition Myths – BUSTED

Ah nutrition – the proverbial health and fitness minefield. No other topic is so hotly debated on a daily basis with many folks clinging to ideas and theories as if their lives, quite literally, depended on them. The thing is many nutrition “facts” have now been proven to be nutrition MYTHSby science – but still […]