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Many people have a different outlook, concept and views when it comes t carb cycling and the fashion in which it is utilized in a person’s diet and regiment.  There is basically 3 different views and/or concepts in which people use.


  • Low calorie, low carb days
  • high calorie-low carb days
  • high calorie-high carb days



Technically there is a fourth mid calorie mid carb days. I refer carb cycling as basically “eating to perform”. I don’t necessarily even look at calories, if your carbs, proteins, and healthy fats are in the right place your calories will naturally fall into place and be where they should.

Your Carb-Cycling strategy and meals should be based on your overall goal, Muscle gain, fat loss etc.  It’s the perfect diet and route to take if you are looking to add muscle and loss fat at the same time, which is typically very difficult to do because you need a certain amount of calories, carbs and proteins to add muscle, but on the flip side you need to be at a low caloric, fat, and carb intake to lose weight and burn fat. So carb cycling “eating to perform”, gives you the protein, carbs and nutrients to feed the muscle on the days when your energy output is high but also lowers them on the days when not as much nutrients is required. For example, when you hit legs, which is half your body mass.  So therefore that should be a higher carb day because your body needs that energy and will utilize those nutrients because of the expenditure of calories, carbs and protein when hitting such a large muscle group.

Carbs are energy, they break down and turn into glycogen once in the body, Glycogen= energy. Any glycogen that goes unused will eventually be stored as fat. A great example is a Honda civic compared to a Ford F-250 truck. That Honda civic requires way less fuel (4-cylinder engine) because it doesn’t require near the fuel with being half the sized engine.  But with the F-250 requires way more fuel having a V8 engine, but it also has way more power output. So when you hit legs, that will require way more energy (carbs) then say shoulders which is a tenth of the size muscle.  But legs also have a much higher power output. Someone could squat say 405, but couldn’t come close to that on a side lateral raise, or military press.

This is just a brief overview of carb-cycling and how it can be utilized in one’s regiment. Also make sure to keep your protein intake high no matter the day.  Protein is great to increase your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels, increase lean muscle tissue which will in turn burn more fat maintaining that muscle tissue. Because Muscle is considered M.A.T. Metabolically active tissue. So it burns calories, carbs and fat just being present.


Monday is chest, 2-3 meals including complex carbs, Tuesday, is arm day so maybe 1-2 meals with complex carbs, and then Wednesday is an off day, or cardio or ab day, No carbs.  All while keeping protein intake at the same amount each day. That would be just one of many ways to use this style of diet.

Please email me, Jake@exaltednutrition.net, give us a call 740-588-9098, or stop in for more in depth look at how to implement this practice into your regiment. Don’t just be great… BE EXALTED!!!



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